Is Your Roof Ready For A Hurricane?

Hurricane season is in full swing and Hurricane Dorian is a current threat to Florida.

Even if the Clermont and surrounding Lake and Orange county areas only experience tropical storm winds, your roof could be at risk. High winds can remove shingles, leaving the roof deck underlayment exposed.  Severe winds can also lift and curl shingles which damages the seal that bonds the roof and shingles together. As a result, your roof can become vulnerable to wind-driven rain, especially during prolonged tropical storm conditions.

Falling debris and hail can leave holes, dents or puck marks in shingles. This can also dislodge granules that are important to keeping water out. During high winds, debris ranging from tree branches to unsecured outdoor elements can act as powerful projectiles. Roofs that are worn or damaged are easier to penetrate.

Signs of damage may include dented, torn or missing shingles. Damage of this type can lead to small undetected leaks well in advance of visible leaks. Make sure to inspect around your home as well. Look for fallen limbs or any other debris. Inside the home, look for water stains or areas where water may have pooled. Call Clermont Roofing right away. We have the resources and manpower to help many homeowners and businesses after disaster strikes.

We advise that you DO NOT climb on your roof! Your roof may be slippery, especially after the storm.

Please call Clermont Roofing at 352-241-ROOF (7663)!